September 18, 2018

Hagerstown Police Chief Kifer will introduce a proposal to re-establish the Hagerstown Police Department Cadet Program at today’s works session (3pm).   City of Hagerstown’s communications officer Wes Decker has the preview in this clip –

Without the program—over the last five years in particular—just 17% of the 58 officers HPD has hired are still City police officers in Hagerstown today.

Also, on the agenda: Parking rates will be revisited … again.  And a proposal to change the hours of operations at all parks in the City from 6am-10pm to “sunrise to ½ hour after sunset”

A 34-year-old Chambersburg man had to be tazed multiple times after he resisted arrest and threatened to fight cops.   Court documents say Clinton M. Doleman, 34, was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest and cited with public drunkenness. .  Police say he was difficult to understand and that he seemed confused “laughing at times when it made no sense”, and that Doleman threatened to fight them after being informed he was under arrest for public drunkenness. When officers tried to place him in handcuffs, he resisted, and a stun gun had to be sued to get him under control.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 25.

As representative Paul Schemel shared on NEWS TALK 1037FM last Friday… he unveiled his proposal to addressing past cases of child sexual abuse. In a press conference yesterday, he discussed his legislation that would create a “Truth and restoration commission” that would hear testimony from victims and the institutions responsible for past abuse.  Victims could also be compensated from a fund made up of contributions from institutions that covered up past abuse.  Rep Schemel offered more details yesterday – see the whole video at

Meanwhile: Eight Pennsylvania Roman Catholic dioceses have been named in a class action lawsuit filed yesterday alleging that they didn’t obey state laws requiring them to report child sexual abuse. The suit is asking for transparency and disclosure.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear from Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, and the woman who has accused him of sexual assault before the committee on Monday for public hearings just weeks before the midterm elections.